Carlsberg Smooth Draught

Beer Facts

  • Beer type
  • Alcohol by volume (ABV)
  • What's Carlsberg Smooth Draught:
    Product extension of Carlsberg Green Label.
  • Available in:
    Coffee shops, food courts, hawker centres, Chinese restaurants and selected supermarkets.
  • Available since
    March 2016

Carlsberg Smooth Draught

Committed towards superior product quality and portfolio innovation, Carlsberg invented Carlsberg Smooth Draught in Malaysia, the pioneer market. Based on robust consumer insights, beer drinkers, especially in Asia, have a strong liking towards the sensation they enjoy from draught beer. Carlsberg, or better known as probably the best beer in the world, invented a brew that delivers the smooth, easy- to-drink experience, the same as you would enjoy from a freshly tapped beer. Only difference is it's in a bottle. Introducing the all-new Carlsberg Smooth Draught that offers consumers a chance to enjoy the smooth sensation of freshly tapped beer anytime, anywhere at an affordable price.

This smooth brew creates a completely new experience for all beer drinkers, further strengthening the offering mix. Brewed longer for its signature smoothness with an easy finish, the beautiful golden-hued beer is packaged in an easy to grip bottle with smooth contour lines appearing subtly in the background reinforcing the brew's uniquely smooth taste. The iconic Carlsberg hop leaf motif embossed on the bottle tastefully accentuates the innovative cold hopping process. It is truly a beauty!

Carlsberg Special Brew


  • 啤酒种类
    Strong Pilsner
  • Alcohol by volume (ABV)
  • Available since
  • Sponsorship
    Football : Liverpool FC, FC Copenhagen, English National Team, FA Cup, UEFA Cup, UEFA Super Cup, EURO 2008

Contemporary new look, same strong taste

Carlsberg Special Brew was first produced to commemorate the visit of Winston Churchill when he visited Denmark in 1950. Churchill's favourite drink was cognac, so when brewing him a commemorative beer, the brewers at Carlsberg created a stronger lager with cognac flavours amongst its tasting notes. Special Brew is a full-bodied, fruity tasting, strong lager with a good clear bitterness. The dark golden brew stands as the No. 1 premium beer in the high alcohol content category.

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