Internship Trainee Programme

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Carlsberg Malaysia is a dynamic brewer that brings people together with its portfolio of international and premium beer brands. We brew a greater future for our consumers and customers, our community, and our people. Come and have your internship experience in these departments/functions: 

  1. Information Technology 
    • IT Operations
      • Assist in IT operations & End-user support 
      • Assist in IT Infrastructure Projects 
    • Intake: Sep/Oct 2021 
    • Qualification: Diploma/Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering, any other similar certification
  2.  Human Resource
    • HR Operations 
      • To support in daily HR operations task 
      • To assist in HR Operations Projects 
    • Qualification: Diploma/Degree in Human Resource Management, Business Management, Psychology, any other similar certification
  3. Legal
    • Gain an understanding of the reporting requirements of a public listed company by assist in the research and presentation and preparation documents 
    • Gain an understanding of how various departments collaborate in business via business communication and engagement skills with all levels
    • Assist in legal documentation if any 
    • Intake: Aug/Sep 2021, Nov/Dec 2021 
    • Qualification: Diploma/Degree in Business Management, Political Science, Social Science, Secretariats, any other similar certification
  4. Finance 
    • Account Receivable
      • Assist on daily routine contract management process and bad debts recovery management process by liaising with the sales team 
      • Allocate the supporting documents for legal action if any 
      • Assist in distributor's early payment incentive & claims activities 
      • Involved in accounting projects 
    • Tax & Payment
      • To support on daily preparation of listing/worksheet for cheque bank-in 
      • To support in monthly operational transaction
      • To assist in company bank's account clearing & reconciliation, daily bank statement and incoming payment 
    • Intake: Aug/Sep 2021, Nov/Dec 2021 
    • Qualification: Diploma/Degree in Business Management, Finance, Banking, Accounting, any other similar certification
  5. Utilities 
    • Understand utility plant operation/function 
    • Involved in energy optimization projects such as natural gas & biogas usage optimization, electricity consumption optimization and water losses optimization in water treatment plant 
    • Intake: Jun/Jul 2021, Sep/Oct 2021 
    • Qualification: Diploma/Degree in Mechanical Engineering 
  6. Brewing Maintenance 
    • Understand packaging basic operation/ function 
    • Involved in implementation of Projects 
    • To assist in overhaul process and optimization project in heat energy, water and electricity usage 
    • Intake: Jun/Jul 2021, Sep/Oct 2021 
    • Qualification: Diploma/Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering 
  7. Supply Chain Planning 
    • Assist in production planning, repackaging requirements
    • Support in projects 
    • Intake: Sep/Oct/Nov 2021 
      Qualification: Diploma/Degree in Business Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, any other similar certification
  8. Carlsberg Excellence 
    • Manage performance measurement & actionable system to determine the level of achievement before, during & after the implementation of 5S & VISUAL BREWERY
    • 1 assigned Project on equipment Cost Losses that contributes to Beer, Cans & Bottle losses improvements
    • Improve packaging efficiency through ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS for mechanical failure as they occur for all 4 packaging lines
    • GEMBA KAIZEN & PMS criteria requirement audit conducted throughout the Brewery
    • Design and Generate SOPs (AM & SMED) for specific machines to enhance the maintenance of the machines to introduce good manufacturing practice
    • 1 assigned Project on equipment Operational Losses that contributes to Overall Equipment Efficiency improvements
    • Data Analysis (in Graphs, Charts and Tables format) for Root Cause Analysis exercises
    • Intake: Sep/Oct 2021
    • Qualification: Degree in Chemical Engineering 

Job Details:

Shah Alam, MY

Job type
Internship (3 - 6 months) 

Part time / Full time
Full Time

Working Time
Monday - Friday 

We regret to inform only shortlisted candidates will be notified.