Manager, Corporate Communications & CSR

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This role manages the implementation of the Company’s communication strategies and policies which include PR and media, issue and crisis communication, information dissemination and strategic communications advice; to profile the Company as a reputable brewer with a dynamic portfolio of international brands. Also, manages and executes the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and initiatives to maintain an excellent corporate reputation.




Public Relations:

    1. Executing public relations and corporate communications programmes to enhance the Company’s corporate image and reputation
    2. Enhancing the Company's relations and communication with its stakeholders, i.e. media, consumers, customers, business associates, NGOs ad industry Key Opinion Leaders by creating an understanding and support from them for the Company’s decisions and actions
    3. Collaborating with the Corporate Affairs & Legal department to manage press conferences for the Annual/Extraordinary General Meeting (AGM/EGM)
    4. Work closely with media, consumers, customers, professional bodies and business-related organisations when handling issues and crisis communication.
    5. Create awareness and recognition for the Company by continuously leveraging on corporate functions to raise the Company’s profile by maximising all media opportunities e.g. print, digital, social etc.

Corporate Communications & Branding:

    1. Planning and managing corporate communications, public relations, media relations, branding and sponsorship advertising tasks
    2. Devising a proactive corporate communications plan to mitigate adverse media coverage on the beer industry
    3. Developing a communication guideline for crisis management and counter-measures to contain the damaging effects of any crisis outbreak that impacts the Company's corporate image
    4. Working with media outlets to publish timely company information, such as press releases, brochures, and other materials

Corporate Social Responsibility:

    1. Lead the implementation of Responsible Drinking, Marketing Communications and Community Engagement policies for the Company and its subsidiaries.
    2. Support the implementation of Environment, Health & Safety, Labour & Human Rights, and Business Ethics policies for the Company and its subsidiaries.
    3. Engage with internal and external stakeholders, manage and measure their involvement in CSR activities.
    4. Adapt global policies into local context and communication; for effective integration into the value chain of the Company and its subsidiaries.
    5. Develop internal policies and procedures to ensure CSR strategies are fully communicated and integrated into all business units consistently throughout the Company
    6. Design activities involving public attention and support to enhance the Company’s image as a socially responsible corporate citizen.


  • At least 6 years progressive experience in communications/public relations
  • Experience in an agency/fast moving consumer goods environment
  • Relationship management experience with a commitment to providing exceptional levels of service to both internal and external partners
  • Exposure to communications planning and issues management in corporate or consultancy organisations
  • Experience in managing the implementation of communications strategies and policies
  • Versed in managing media relations


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Shah Alam

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