As a responsible brewer, our business is highly dependent on the availability of clean water: No water, no beer!

But clean water supply is becoming a scarcity and so we must treat water with the utmost respect.

Our Ambition

Our vision for a better tomorrow is a world in a world with ZERO water wasted.

Our Target 

The Carlsberg Group's targets for ZERO water waste include reducing water use at brewery's and the formation of partnerships to safeguard shared water resources in high-risk areas. 

Our top-line target is to halve water usage at out breweries by 2030, with an intermediate target of 25% by 2022. Since water usage of the Carlsberg Group for the baseline year (2015) was 3.4 hl/hl, this means the aim is to achieve 1.7 hl/hl by 2030: an industry-leading position. 

Unaware by many, the brewing process requires a greater volume of water than the volume of beer produced. This is partly due to evaporation and wet by-products and partly because water is needed to clean equipment. 

Water will always be essential, but by cutting usage in half we will make sure that none is wasted. 

In addition, the Carlsberg Group can also help safeguard shared water resources in the areas around its breweries globally. This means participating in community water partnerships that secure long-term water availability. 

Working towards these targets, our Malaysian operations is set to implement:

  • Technical audits of the tunnel pasteurizers to improve insulation and heat losses;
  • Audit on the bottlewashers heat exchangers to improve efficiency;
  • Improve water extraction from tube well to reduce our dependency on water supply from the local town council, especially during water rationalizing period;
  • Implementation of best practices stated in the Carlsberg Operating Manual; and 
  • Enhancing KPI tracking, resulting in mindset change. 


Water scarcity is a major global concern and responsible water stewardship is one of the most material issues for our business. As a global brewer with operations in high-risk areas, the Carlsberg Group has a responsibility to ensure both the success of our business and the well-being of the communities around our breweries. 

Our target for ZERO water waste relates to SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation.

We address targets 6.4 and 6.5 - increasing water use efficiency and implementing integrated water resources management - through our water use reduction programme and community engagement plans.  


hectolitre of water used to brew one hectolitre of beer in 2016


reduction in waste disposal in 2017 vs 2016


Our Approach Towards Zero 

Our updated Environmental Policy and accompanying operational manual provides operational manual provides guidance on water management. 

Water stewardship is the primary responsibility of the Management team, particularly the Supply Chain it comes to managing permits for water extraction and discharge. 

Together, we will work to implement and refine our ZERO water waste roadmap that includes the continued roll-out of existing wastewater recycling technologies and the search for new technologies, since the most waste occurs while cleaning our equipment during the brewing process. 

Water Efficiency and Waste Water

The key to further improving performance in this area lies in driving concerted efficiency by everyone in the organisation.

In 2017, our water efficiency improved by 11.07% to 3.66 hl/hl from 3.69 hl/hl in 2016.

Some of the key initiatives implemented included refurbishment of the filtration system with nozzles and filter media replacement; optimised backwash frequency with increased in backwash cycle time; optimised RO system with increased in recovery to maximum possible which in turn reduced the discharge to waste; and recycling some small portion of backwash discharge water and reusing for second backwashing cycle before being discharged to drain.

As a result, our water treatment losses were reduced to 26% of total water intake in 2017 versus 34% a year earlier.

In 2017 vs 2016 we reduced our waste disposal by 8%