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Celebrate Responsibly

Advocating responsible drinking and marketing

The Carlsberg Group has set a bold vision for a society without irresponsible drinking. By 2030, it aims to see a continuous reduction of key responsible drinking statistics in all of its markets in support of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) objective to reduce harmful use of alcohol, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages.

Our ZERO Irresponsible Drinking ambition is crucial as it sends a clear signal to consumers, encouraging responsible and moderate consumption. In the same way our beers, stouts and ciders are brewed with pride, we want consumers to enjoy our products in appreciation of good taste, quality and natural ingredients as opposed to the intoxicating effects of overconsumption.

Our Targets

Our approach consists of enabling, informing and encouraging responsible choices. As a category, beer itself is a low-alcohol choice for responsible enjoyment.

All our packaging and online platforms contain responsible drinking messages. In addition, we also collaborate with relevant stakeholders for targeted interventions, whether it is at point-of-sale, during consumption or across all our marketing communications.


#CelebrateResponsibly is Carlsberg Malaysia Group’s initiative in support of Global Be(er) Responsible Day (GBRD) – a worldwide initiative among major brewers to promote the responsible enjoyment of beer.

The key message of the 2019 annual campaign directly supports our ZERO Irresponsible Drinking focus: don’t drink and drive if your BAC is over the legal limit of 0.08%. This is the fifth consecutive year of the campaign since it kicked-off in 2015, with key consumer activations held in conjunction with Carlsberg’s annual Oktoberfest promotions.

Held over 12 days of activations during Carlsberg Malaysia’s flagship Oktoberfest celebrations, the campaign reached an estimated 9,500 consumers via direct engagement. Including an estimated 14,600 reached via social media, the campaign reached 21,500 consumers in 2019, bringing the total since the campaign’s inception to an estimated 73,800 consumers since 2015.

We continued to partner with e-hailing providers Grab and Riding Pink to provide subsidised rides for consumers after a night of drinking – a reminder and incentive to not drink and drive – just by using the promo code #CelebrateResponsibly to and from almost 350 bars and restaurants throughout Malaysia. Close to 1,800 subsidised Grab rides were redeemed throughout 2019.

Pearl Lai, Corp Comm & CSR Director: “Through consumer engagement in previous #CelebrateResponsibly activations, more than half surveyed were unaware of the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit in Malaysia of 0.08%, which if exceeded can lead to serious legal and life-threatening consequences of driving while drunk. At Carlsberg, our beers, stouts and ciders stand at the heart of special occasions that bring people together, but we also firmly advocate responsible consumption to keep celebrations full of cheer and not regret.”

Employees as Responsible Drinking Ambassadors

At our brewery in Shah Alam, we host Probably the Best Brewery Tour almost every weeknight, giving consumers the opportunity to learn about our brewing process, natural ingredients and our portfolio of beers, stouts and ciders. Visitors were provided with subsidised Grab rides during special occasions, bottled drinking water and the opportunity to use provided breathalysers to test their BAC level.

At the #CelebrateResponsibly activation at Oktoberfest, we enlisted almost 30 employee volunteers to educate consumers on the 0.08% BAC legal limit, conducted free breathalyser tests, encouraged consumers not to drink and drive if over the limit, and encourage consumers to pledge their support by signing up as #CelebrateResponsibly ambassadors themselves.

Carlsberg Malaysia Group has a strict zero-tolerance policy: conviction of drink-driving of any employee, regardless of whether an accident occurred, will lead to immediate dismissal. At no point are our employees required or obliged to consume alcohol excessively during the course of their work, even among external stakeholders such as our trade partners, customers or consumers.

All customer and consumer-facing employees, such as our sales and marketing colleagues, are equipped with breathalysers to use following market visits or work-related occasions where they may consume alcoholic beverages. Employees are strongly encouraged to make alternative arrangements such as taxis or e-hailing services which can be reimbursed.