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Celebrate Responsibly

Advocating responsible drinking and marketing


Our portfolio of beers, stouts and cider are often at the heart of social occasions.

While celebrations are a part of a lifestyle, responsible drinking is a goal we have always taken seriously.

Our Ambition

In most situations, people enjoy our products in moderation and as part of a balanced lifestyle, which is the way they are intended to be.

Nevertheless, in some cases our beers are not consumed responsibly and caused harm to individuals and to society, which is not acceptable and the reason why we have set an ambition of a society with ZERO irresponsible drinking.

Whilst challenging, we believe that by working together across business, government and civil society we can start moving society in the right direction, ultimately making a huge difference.

Our Targets

Our targets in this area reflect where we think the best opportunities lie for us to make an effective impact.

Beers provide a quality low-alcohol choice in many different situations.

Yet we also recognise that on certain occasions, consumers look for options that do not contain alcohol. Today, the Carlsberg Group offers many quality alcohol-free brews that serve as great alternatives for people who are driving, pregnant or, for other reasons, do not wish to consume alcohol.

To provide consumers more choice during these occasions, we target to distribute alcohol-free brews by 2022 – meaning that wherever our beers containing alcohol are found, there will always be an alcohol-free option as well.

To further help consumers make smart choices, we are placing responsible drinking messages and nutritional information about our products on 100% of our packaging and/or online.

We are also embedding responsible drinking messages in all our marketing communications in an effort to further engage consumers and convey the importance and benefits of a healthy beer culture.

In cases where we witness irresponsible drinking behaviour, we will collaborate with relevant stakeholders to make targeted interventions.

Our goal is for every market within the Carlsberg Group to have established at least one key responsible drinking partnership by 2022.

Working towards these targets, our Malaysian operations is set to implement:

  • Improve disclosure of the natural ingredients of our products in our corporate website;
  • Deploy #CelebrateResponsibly campaign during consumer-facing events to raise awareness of responsible consumption;
  • Collaborate with e-hailing service provider to offer alternative rides to discourage consumers from drink-driving when one’s breath alcohol content exceeds the national legal limits; and
  • Implement the health warning signage labelling on the primary and secondary packing of our products in Malaysia.

Supporting The Global Goals

With efforts to minimise alcohol misuse, we are supporting SDG 3, specifically target 3.5 to strengthen the prevention of harmful use of alcohol and target 3.6 to halve the number of deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents, which are relating to driving under the influence of alcohol.



We updated our Marketing Communication Policy (MCP) in 2017, which sets the framework for responsible communication across our business, including marketing, digital and social media channels and product packaging.

Our MCP sets benchmarks on limiting access to and appeal of alcohol marketing to minors, including strict standards on location placement of advertisements and choice of themes to avoid appealing to young people.

In 2017, a new Group Responsible Drinking Policy was introduced to set global standards on drinking in the workplace.

The Carlsberg Group sought advice from a group of health and behavioural experts from fields as diverse as biology, sociology, anthropology and psychology to help strengthen the design and effectiveness of our responsible drinking initiatives.

With input and insights from the experts, we hope to ensure our responsible drinking efforts are directed towards the right national goals and improve the effectiveness of different actions in this area.

Our approach consists of three ways in which we can support consumers and society in reducing the harmful use of alcohol:

Health Warning Labelling On Products

Effective 1 December 2017, the legal purchasing age of alcohol in Malaysia has been raised to 21 from 18 as per the amendment to Food Regulations 1985 by the Ministry of Health. It is mandated that all primary and secondary packaging of alcohol products must carry the health warning message ‘Meminum arak boleh membahayakan kesihatan’ (Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful).

In compliance with the new regulations, we have incorporated the health warning message on the design of all our product packaging.

Preventing Drink-Driving

We acknowledge that preventing drink driving requires a multi-stakeholder approach.

At Carlsberg Group’s level, we partner with businesses, governmental authorities and other organisations, pooling our ideas and resources to find new, smarter solutions to these problems.

One of the most effective ways of preventing drink driving is to engage consumers at the point of consumption. To do so, we collaborate with business partners, including bar and restaurant owners, who are in direct contact with consumers to raise awareness on drink driving.


In 2017, for the third consecutive year, our Malaysia operations activated the “don’t drink and drive” campaign named #CelebrateResponsibly, in conjunction with the annual ‘Global Beer Responsible Day’.

The aim of the campaign was to increase awareness on responsible consumption of alcohol by advocating “Don’t Drink and Drive”, especially when one’s Blood/Breath Alcohol Content (BAC) exceeds the legal limit of 0.08% in Malaysia.

The campaign was held during the Oktoberfest consumer parties in Klang Valley and Penang in October, where we advocated ZERO Irresponsible Drinking by focusing on no drink-driving.

Our employees acted as ambassadors to disseminate information on responsible drinking as well as encouraging consumers to experience the brand-new driving simulation game using Kinect technology to tap younger beer consumers who are more receptive towards responsible drinking messages when it’s on a digital platform.

We also tested consumers’ breath alcohol content with breathalysers. They were also provided with e-hailing discounted rides.

Throughout October, we collaborated with modern bars and pubs across Klang Valley, Penang, Johor and Melaka to raise awareness on the #CelebrateResponsibly campaign.