Towards a ZERO Accidents Culture

We aspire to a ZERO accidents culture by ensuring employee health and safety is top of mind at all times and by ensuring compliance with our rules and standards.

A best-case scenario is when our people observe all rules and procedures and are empowered to continually identify risks and propose solutions themselves, thereby enabling us to prevent accidents and, if and when they do occur, to learn from them.

Our Targets

We aim to reduce the number of accidents year-on-year, with the aspiration to reach ZERO lost-time accidents by 2030.

SDG targets

  • 8.8: Protect labour rights and promote safe and secure working environments for all workers.

Examples of our actions

  • Embedding a ZERO accidents culture in employees and contractors through communication and initiatives.
  • Management is committed to model desired behaviours, communicate consistently and engage with teams on health & safety.
  • Our Shah Alam brewery is OHSAS 18001 certified.



Carlsberg Malaysia has introduced Life-Saving Rules (LSR), a group-wide initiative, since June 2018. They are:

  1. LSR 1 : Always follow traffic rules
  2. LSR 2 : Always follow lockout / tagout procedures
  3. LSR 3 : Never remove, bypass or impair safeguards or interlocks
  4. LSR 4 : Always follow work-at-height procedures
  5. LSR 5 : Always follow confined space entry procedures


2018 was a landmark year for health and safety in the brewery with ZERO lost-time accidents, setting a new record for 405 consecutive days without lost-time accidents as of 31 December 2018 and beating the previous record of 257 days in 2016.

The achievement can be attributed to an enhanced health and safety culture inculcated via a combination of employee communication, new procedures, and reward cum performance management systems.

At the heart of this is a renewed focus on the Health & Safety Triangle, where the more near-misses and safety concerns reported and acted upon, the higher the chances of preventing first aid and recordable injuries, lost-time accidents, and ultimately fatalities.

Consequent to this raised awareness, we had a perfect record of 100% of employees worked within the brewery (including unionised staff) submit near-miss and safety concerns. In 2018, the Group saw a threefold increase in safety concern submissions compared with a year earlier.

Moreover, line managers and supervisors play an important role in driving safety concern submissions by including it as part of the agenda before every shift begins, and via walkabouts with their respective teams.

In Singapore, MayBev Pte Ltd, in which Carlsberg has a controlling stake, has aligned with, and is committed to the same health and safety standards as our warehousing operations.

Carlsberg's Life-Saving Rules


Any accident is one too many in our goal towards ZERO accidents.
In line with LSR 1 – Always Follow Traffic Rules – we have introduced or reinforced the following initiatives:

  • Every employee operating a company vehicle is given handsfree holders – one for a breathalyser and one for their mobile phone. Installation and usage is mandatory.
  • Every sales promoter and employee commuting on motorcycle is provided with a high-visibility safety vest. When on Carlsberg’s premises, usage of the vest is mandatory.
  • Employees entering or leaving Carlsberg Malaysia’s headquarters in Shah Alam are required to ensure safety belts or helmet buckles are fastened securely.