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Human Capital Development

Our Work Culture

In line with our founder J.C. Jacobsen’s mentality, we are committed towards pursuing perfection as highlighted in his ‘Golden Words’ that speak of dedication, orderliness and ambition. “In working the brewery it should be a constant purpose, regardless of immediate gain, to develop the art of making beer to the greatest possible degree of perfection so that this brewery as well as its products may ever stand out as a model and, through their example, assist in keeping beer brewing in this country at a high and honourable level.”

At Carlsberg Malaysia Group, we have put in place several initiatives to help our people achieve their full potential and consistently give their best. In addition to the standard employees benefits and compensation packages, our employees are also entitled to flexible working hours and arrangements, which include working from home and time-off for eligible employees in order to help them achieve a healthy work-life balance.

We have put in place several initiatives to ensure responsible consumption of alcohol for all our employees. We offer alternate modes of transportation and provide a personalised breathalyser for our sales and marketing employees, who are discouraged to drive after consuming alcohol. We advocate the importance of no drink-driving and the Group’s stand on responsible consumption during new employee orientation.

Recognition and engagement

We continue to prioritise employee recognition and engagement activities to communicate with and unify our employees. Engaged employees are more satisfied with their work, tend to stay longer, are more productive and committed. In 2016, 35 employees of our Malaysian and Singapore operations received a promotion or an upgrade, whilst some 30 employees were redesignated and got a transfer to a new role or new department. These are part of our efforts to promote job enrichment and succession planning.

Our Malaysia operations initiated monthly town halls and continue to organise quarterly employees’ get-together named SAIL’22 Hour in order to provide timely updates on the Company’s strategic priorities to our employees and keep all of them engaged in our commercial activities. We also have robust employee recognition programs to recognize and reward our employees.

In 2016, sixteen employees in Malaysia received their 10-year long service award, probably the best employee recognition in the country. Each of them received a Carlsberg hop-icon gold pendant, cash voucher and an allexpenses paid trip with their spouses to Copenhagen, Denmark, the birthplace of Carlsberg.

Our Annual Dinner & Dance for our employees saw a total turnout of 550 people. We also held an Appreciation Dinner for our Sales Promoters, which registered an attendance of 400 people. Additionally, our Sports and Recreation Club activities throughout the year included Movie Nites, a Beerlympics in conjunction with the Rio 2016 Olympics, a durian fiesta and weekly and monthly sports activities.

Across the Causeway, the Annual Dinner & Dance of our Singapore organisation held at the Marina Mandarin hotel recorded a turnout of 350 employees and Sales Promoters. We also continue to organise quarterly town halls. Our Recreational Club organised several activities such as a fruits fiesta, hungry ghost festival celebration and mooncake festival celebration.


Training and development

We are committed to training and developing our employees to help them achieve their personal growth in the organisation.

In both our Malaysia and Singapore operations, we adopt the 70/20/10 learning approach, which places an emphasis on experiential learning as well as coaching and mentoring. Employee development is supported both at the Carlsberg Group and local levels where learning offerings and initiatives are devised covering leadership and functional competencies.

In 2016, our Malaysia operations conducted a total of 5,796 hours of training with 1,240 hours for employees in Production, 373 hours for Logistics employees, 3,140 hours for Sales and Marketing employees and 1,042 hours for employees in Corporate functions.

In Singapore, we spent a total of 857 hours training our staff, with 745 hours of training going towards Sales and Marketing and 112 hours for administration and support employees.

The total training and development investment made by the Group for the year in review was approximately RM400,000 for 559 employees.

Respecting diversity

As of 31 December 2016, our Malaysia operations had a staff strength of 554 employees. The ratio for female employees to male employees then was 20:80 for our total workforce and 40:60 for our senior management team. On the Singaporean front, we had a total of 69 employees with a 30:70 ratio of female to male employees in our total workforce.

Our Labour & Human Rights Policy and initiatives such as recruitment, retention, training and development, as well as corporate and social activities are all implemented in a manner that does not discriminate against ethnicity, gender, age, disability or status. We employ, appoint, promote, develop and reward our employees through the principles of meritocracy and fairness.

We practiced fairness in hiring and promoting people based on job-defined criteria. We respect the diversity of gender, race and culture and are committed to ensure our working environment remains a well-balanced, inclusive and harmonious one. In Carlsberg Singapore, we adopted the guidelines on recruitment and selection set forth by the Ministry of Manpower.

To cater to the needs of our female employees, both our offices in Malaysia and Singapore have a nursing room for nursing mothers. We also have a prayer room for our Muslim employees and engage a pool of female taxi drivers in Malaysia especially for our female employees.