Human Capital Development

Labour & Human Rights Policy

Carlsberg Group is committed to providing a safe, healthy and empowering environment for our people, always acting in a fair and responsible manner with respect for global standards and guidelines.

Our Labour & Human Rights (LHR) Policy lays out the labour & human rights standards to which all employees in the Carlsberg Group are entitled, irrespective of the country in which they work.

Building a High-Performing Culture

In line with one of the enablers of SAIL’22, Create a Winning Culture, our approach to growing our people is based on the Triple A framework – Alignment, Accountability and Action – which defines the way we work together across the organisation in building a high performance team, including treating people in a fair and equal way.

We align by providing visibility and clarity of corporate targets and developments. Employees attend a National Conference at the start of the year where company strategic priorities are communicated. Regular updates are provided via monthly town hall sessions.

Our employees are accountable for their actions and we track this through performance management and consequence management. The Group also adopts a pay-for-performance philosophy. We encourage employee growth and development by prioritising each employee’s Individual Development Plan.

Recognition and Engagement

Awards are given to individuals and groups who demonstrate Triple A attributes in their roles. These awards are given out during the monthly townhall sessions.

A total of 37 of SAIL’22 Awards were given out in 2018, of which 9 were individual recipients and 28 group recipients. Long-service awards were given out to recognise employees for their tenure within the organisation.

Our part-time sales promoters are the backbone of our consumer engagement at coffeeshops and eateries nationwide and we host annual appreciation dinners to thank them for their tireless efforts.

Learning & Development

In 2018, we continued to develop employees via the 70/20/10 learning approach.

There were several key HR initiatives in 2018, including a LEAD Fundamentals roadshow which was conducted nationwide to drive employees’ awareness on performance management, total rewards and individual development plans.

In addition, we conducted ‘Coach to Lead’ workshops for to build leadership and team development capabilities. In the same vein, several regional-led capability development programmes were rolled out in Malaysia, to enhance commercial competencies to deliver our SAIL’22 strategy.

Live By Our Compass

The Live by Our Compass programme, launched in 2016 and built into SAIL’22, offers detailed guidance on ethical behaviour and emphasises the importance of integrity at all levels of the business.

To ensure compliance while staying at the forefront of business, it is important that all of us understand what is required of us in order to achieve our goals.
In 2018, the e-learning for Carlsberg Group’s competition law policy was rolled out to relevant employees who are in direct contact with customers, competitors or suppliers to avoid circumstances where legislation is breached and affects Carlsberg’s reputation and business.

In 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was a landmark legislation covering data privacy and management in European markets. GDPR adds to and does not replace Carlsberg’s compliance to the Malaysia’s Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA).

Supporting Local Communities & Vernacular Education

Carlsberg Malaysia has and always will be fully committed to contributing to, and supporting the communities it operates in.

Our flagship programme, the Top Ten Charity Campaign is acclaimed as Probably The Best Fundraising Platform for Chinese Education.

This programme is unique in that it has successfully helped over 600 schools raise more than RM520 million over three continuous decades – a feat as yet unmatched in Malaysia and which earned its place in the Malaysia Book of Records as the longest-running Chinese education charity campaign with the highest funds raised.

In 2018, Top Ten raised more than RM18 million, bringing the total to more than RM520 million since the campaign’s inception.

Held since 1987, Top Ten is a fundraising platform via charity concerts and in collaboration with vernacular schools throughout the country for the development of Chinese education in Malaysia.

Funds raised are used for infrastructure upgrades such as new classrooms, administration buildings and school halls, as well as roofed recreational facilities.

In 2019, Top Ten will seek more partnerships from Chinese vernacular schools so that more schools and students can benefit from the campaign.

Click here to view the Top Ten Charity Campaign website.


Ethics and integrity in all our people is an integral element to achieving sustainability.

Our business is built on solid values including honesty and integrity, which translates into a company culture of fair and ethical behaviour at all levels.

The Live by Our Compass programme continuously promotes high ethical standards across the Group and is supported by clear codes, policies and manuals. It offers detailed guidance on ethical behaviour and emphasises the importance of integrity at all levels of the business.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct helps employees to respond appropriately when faced with ethical dilemmas at work.

In 2017, 90% of our employees received training in the Code either via e-learning or face-to-face sessions. At the end of the sessions, each employee signed a declaration to commit to comply with the Code.

Our Compliance team is responsible for the implementation and updating of the Code, while the Managing Director is responsible for compliance at market level.

In January 2017, we also introduced a “Speak Up” telephone line as a whistleblowing platform for employees who prefer to remain anonymous.

We also developed a new policy structure to ensure relevance and focus on the key areas of our business today, resulting in 29 Group policies.

These policies provide our staff centralised direction, mitigates key company risks and underlines the behaviour we expect of all our people.

The revised policies were communicated through internal channels while the implementation of the new policies is ongoing.


Our sustainability journey may now be 170 years young but in our view, it is a never-ending quest for constant improvement.

As a responsible brewer, Carlsberg Malaysia Group remains committed to achieving Economic performance whilst contributing towards Environment and Social (EES) priorities.

We are confident that with the new ‘Together Towards ZERO’ programme, we will make a greater impact on the EES fronts, making sustainability central in everything that we do.

The Carlsberg Malaysia Group always strives to live out our purpose of ‘brewing for a better today and tomorrow’ by delivering sustainable value to all of our stakeholders, all of the time.