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Human Capital Development



Carlsberg Malaysia Group is committed to ensure that its business is conducted in a fair and responsible manner, in line with global standards and guidelines.

We believe that we must provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees to achieve their full potential.

In 2017, our Labour & Human Rights (LHR) Policy was revised as part of a Group-wide policy refresh.

The policy, which applies to all management, employees and contract workers, is in line with our commitment to high standards that deliver a fair, respectable and safe workplace for all employees.

Building a High-Performing Culture

At Carlsberg Malaysia, we grow our people within the Triple A framework Alignment, Accountability and Action which defines the way we work together to create a winning culture across the organisation. In 2017, Triple A became the framework for all our people initiatives.

In line with creating a winning culture, we strive to build a high-performing team in Carlsberg Malaysia.

In doing so, we focused on reinforcing the key fundamentals, including creating clarity of targets. Employees were kept informed of the Company, departmental and team targets via departmental Lean Boards to create visibility of key outputs and deliverables that were tracked regularly.

Through timely and close follow-up of consequence management, we were able to reward and recognise high performers whilst managing poor performers with swift corrective actions.


Recognition and Engagement

We started the year with a National Conference, where all employees were briefed on the strategic priorities for the year ahead and on respective key functional actions to support our 2017 priorities.

We also held monthly SAIL ’22 Hour sessions, where employees received timely updates on the Company’s strategic priorities and kept abreast of organisation-wide activities. Employees who demonstrated strong Triple A behaviour were recognised via our SAIL Awards, which comprised of monetary rewards and a certificate of appreciation.

These awards were presented on a monthly basis during the SAIL ’22 Hour sessions. A total of 29 individual and team awards were given out in 2017.

We continued to drive employee recognition and engagement initiatives for our employees. In 2017, 7 employees reached their tenth year of service and were rewarded with an all-expenses paid trip to Copenhagen, Denmark with their spouses.

This trip coincided with the 170th  anniversary celebrations for Carlsberg in Copenhagen and our long-serving employees experienced a memorable money-can’t-buy experience, enjoying the festivities at the birthplace of Carlsberg.

To show our appreciation to employees, we organised events such as an Annual Dinner for all employees and appreciation dinners for our Sales Promoters. Our Sports and Recreation Club continued to drive activities to foster employee engagement throughout the year including Movie Nites, Ice Cream Day and weekly and monthly sports activities.

Learning and Development

We continued to develop our employees and build capability via the robust 70/20/10 learning approach with an emphasis on experiential learning as well as coaching and training interventions.

Employee development is also supported at the Group, regional and local levels, where learning offerings and initiatives are devised to cover leadership and functional competencies.

In 2017, our Malaysian operations conducted a total of 7,242 hours of training, of which 2,770 hours were for Production employees, 718 hours for Logistics employees, 2,765 hours Sales & Marketing employees and 989 hours Corporate function employees.

For the year under review, the Group invested approximately RM639,000 in training and development for 538 employees in Malaysia and 69 employees in Singapore.

One of our key priorities is to create career and growth opportunities for our employees. In 2017, more than 40% of new roles and job vacancies were filled by internal staff via promotions or redesignations.

We continued to drive succession planning in the organisation to ensure that we maintain a strong bench strength.

We also successfully hired three management trainees who will go through a 2-year comprehensive programme as part of efforts to build our young talent pipeline.


Ethics and integrity in all our people is an integral element to achieving sustainability.

Our business is built on solid values including honesty and integrity, which translates into a company culture of fair and ethical behaviour at all levels.

The Live by Our Compass programme continuously promotes high ethical standards across the Group and is supported by clear codes, policies and manuals. It offers detailed guidance on ethical behaviour and emphasises the importance of integrity at all levels of the business.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct helps employees to respond appropriately when faced with ethical dilemmas at work.

In 2017, 90% of our employees received training in the Code either via e-learning or face-to-face sessions. At the end of the sessions, each employee signed a declaration to commit to comply with the Code.

Our Compliance team is responsible for the implementation and updating of the Code, while the Managing Director is responsible for compliance at market level.

In January 2017, we also introduced a “Speak Up” telephone line as a whistleblowing platform for employees who prefer to remain anonymous.

We also developed a new policy structure to ensure relevance and focus on the key areas of our business today, resulting in 29 Group policies.

These policies provide our staff centralised direction, mitigates key company risks and underlines the behaviour we expect of all our people.

The revised policies were communicated through internal channels while the implementation of the new policies is ongoing.


Our sustainability journey may now be 170 years young but in our view, it is a never-ending quest for constant improvement.

As a responsible brewer, Carlsberg Malaysia Group remains committed to achieving Economic performance whilst contributing towards Environment and Social (EES) priorities.

We are confident that with the new ‘Together Towards ZERO’ programme, we will make a greater impact on the EES fronts, making sustainability central in everything that we do.

The Carlsberg Malaysia Group always strives to live out our purpose of ‘brewing for a better today and tomorrow’ by delivering sustainable value to all of our stakeholders, all of the time.