Responsible Business

With the introduction of our new corporate strategy SAIL’22, the year 2016 was in many ways a year of transition for us. Our ambition is to make Carlsberg Malaysia Group a more successful, professional and attractive brewer in our markets. We believe that the two enablers under SAIL’22 – ‘Create a Winning Culture’ and ‘Defend our License to Operate’ are needed to support the way we conduct our business and work together. Both enablers set clear objectives and activities as follows:

Create a Winning Culture sets a clear direction for our sustainability priorities and ongoing commitment on the Economic, Environmental and Social or EES fronts. It highlights what we are already doing as a conscientious corporate citizen in terms of making tangible economic contributions throughout our value chain, conserving our environment and supporting society. This is line with the global drive for prosperity with lower impact as set out by the Paris Climate Accord and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Defend our License to Operate indicates how should we behave ethically, both within the Company and towards external business partners, like suppliers and customers. In November 2016, our new Code of Ethics and Conduct was cascaded throughout the organisation via several training sessions including a new e-learning in February 2017.

Over the course of the year, the Carlsberg Group collaborated with external sustainability partners such as Carbon Trust and the WWF to restructure our approach to sustainability in order to efficiently tackle the ever-increasing challenges in our operating environment and industry.

In tandem with these efforts, we pledged our commitment towards meeting the Carlsberg Group’s standard and local stakeholder expectations on the following four sustainability priorities in 2016:

Energy & Carbon – by contributing to the containment of climate change;

Water – by improving our water efficiency and securing shared water resources;

Responsible Drinking – by supporting responsible consumption and promoting a healthy lifestyle; and

Health & Safety – by improving workplace safety and striving to achieve a Zero Accidents culture.

We divided our sustainability priorities according to the Economic, Environmental and Social (EES) framework recommended by Bursa Malaysia, and lined these up to support five identified SDGs. These efforts underpin our pledge towards “Brewing for a better today and tomorrow” and reinforce our purpose-driven culture.

We aim to bring the most value to our business and society through our four priority areas under the Environment and Social pillars, which correlate most closely to SDGs three, six, seven and eight. As shown here, our activities will contribute to the SDG targets that call for the doubling of the global rate of energy efficiency by 2030, to substantially increase water-use efficiency, to strengthen the prevention and treatment of harmful use of alcohol, to protect labour rights and to promote safe and secure working environments for all our workers.

We are also committed to addressing SDG 12, responsible consumption and production, through our 4Rs efforts by ‘Reuse’, ‘Reduce’, ‘Recycle’ and ‘Rethink’.

Our Sustainability Priorities and Commitments