The Brewing Process

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The first step in the brewing process is to transform the barley into malt, a process that is controlled and regulated by our strict quality standards.



The Malt is milled, mashed, filtered and boiled. During the brewhouse process, starch is converted into sugar and hops are added during boiling. At the end, the final product is known as wort.

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The wort is cooled and aerated before the specific Carlsberg Yeast is added. Carlsberg is a bottom fermented beer, which means fermentation happens at the low temperature of 14°C. The beer is gently fermented for seven days.

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The beer is tasted by our master brewers when the fermentation process is complete. This happens before the next step (filtration) and ensures that the flavour profile is met. It is tasted again after both filtration and packaging before being released. All Carlsberg breweries send samples of their beer to Copenhagen where a tasting panel of nominated experts taste and judge the beer’s qualities.

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Of course, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. That being said, with millions of bottles and cans being distributed and sold all over the world we need to think about our global impact and how we can be more sustainable. Carlsberg Circular Community, an innovative partnership with key packaging suppliers, aims at rethinking the design and production of packaging material so as to minimize waste and optimize reuse and recycling. For example, in three years time, you might be drinking beer from our new #GreenFiberBottle, made from sustainably-sourced wood fibre. The new bottle will be 100% biodegradable, meaning zero waste.