Whistleblower System

Carlsberg is committed to ensuring its business is conducted in an ethical and compliant manner. The Company has a comprehensive whistleblowing framework and policy, to provide an avenue to employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and any individual to report any unethical, illegal or non-compliant practices. As part of a multinational organization, the Company ensures that each whistleblowing report is treated with care, and in accordance with the standards and guidelines established globally.

Individuals and entities who report in good faith are protected under this policy without the risk of retaliation. However, the Company will not tolerate any report that is made with malicious intent and the Company reserves the rights to pursue any action deemed legally appropriate. The Whistleblowing Policy & Procedures is made available on this corporate website, in which the process and various channels set up to facilitate anyone who wishes to lodge a report are detailed.

Read the Whistleblowing Policy & Procedures and contact information by clicking here.