Working at Carlsberg

At Carlsberg, your opportunities for development are almost unlimited.

You can experience practically all job areas, work internationally, rise through the ranks or become the best in your position. All it takes is the courage to face challenges head-on and a passion for winning.

Working with some of the world's strongest brands, you will be faced with many professional challenges. The road maybe tough but the daily work need never become boring. We are in the beer business and sell enjoyment, happiness and good company - which you can experience on a daily basis. Employing and developing the right people is a key to our success. We want to be the best, and this has created a true fighting spirit throughout the group - with lots of commitment and courage, and a professional attitude towards business.

Carlsberg is in the super league of the global beer groups and we have a huge potential. While we're building on a proud 170-year-long history, in recent years we have focused intensively on change. In many ways, we are now a new team that thinks and conducts business in an entirely new way.

Team-Based Culture

Running a business is like sailing a boat. Having a dedicated crew with the right skills and team spirit is vital to achieve our goals. It is only possible to win by working together. 

That is why we will foster a strong team-based performance culture with common behaviours of our 3 As - Alignment, Accountability, Action.


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