Economic Contribution


people employed. Direct: 538 employees in Malaysia and 69 staff in Singapore; Indirect: 1,113 sales promoters in Malaysia and 260 beer promoters in Singapore.


million in excise duties was paid on our products brewed and sold in both Malaysia and Singapore.


million in direct taxes was borne covering corporate taxes of RM55 million in Malaysia and RM14 million in Singapore.


Backed by a track record of over four decades of operating in Malaysia and three decades in Singapore, the Group has established itself as a responsible brewer while playing an integral part in supporting the local F&B industry.

In our quest to become a successful, professional and attractive brewer, it is our priority to promote sustainable economic growth.

In our Malaysia operations, we have a brewery in Shah Alam, Selangor and 17 sales offices throughout Peninsula and East Malaysia.

Through our operations, we continue to create value and bring vitality to advertising, event and media agencies as well as generate highvalue and high-impact commercial activities throughout our value chain, from research and development to packaging, logistics, sales and marketing.

In our Singapore operations, we have a trading office located in Zhongshan Park, which also owns 51% equity in a local importer MayBev Pte. Ltd. (MayBev), which is responsible for the distribution of Japanese premium alcohol brands.

With a dynamic portfolio of beer, stout and cider catering for both domestic consumption and export to regional markets like Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Laos, the Group makes a significant economic contribution by creating jobs, supporting economic growth and generating considerable government revenues via excise duties and other related taxes.

Malaysia’s excise duty for beer is currently the third-highest in the world at RM175 per litre of alcohol by volume (ABV) 100%.


million in indirect taxes was borne covering Goods & Services Tax (GST) collected on behalf of the Malaysian government and Singapore government.


million for community welfare and development from funds raised directly and indirectly via our charitable projects and donations in-cash made by the J.C. Jacobsen Foundation to Malaysia communities.


on human capital development was spent on training activities for employees in Malaysia and Singapore operations.

Singapore has the second-highest excise duty for beer in the world at RM260 (or equivalent to SGD88) per litre of alcohol and RM177, or equivalent to SGD60.00, per litre of alcohol for stout and cider.

Our economic contribution is also in support of SDG 8: providing decent work and economic growth in the markets that we operate in. Through our operations in Malaysia and Singapore, we contribute to targets 8.1 and 8.2 by supporting economic prosperity, higher productivity and innovation.