Economic Contribution


Carlsberg Malaysia Group is an established brewer with more than 45 years of operations in Malaysia and more than 30 years in Singapore. We play an integral part in supporting the local F&B marketplace and in striving to become a successful, professional and attractive brewer, our priority is to promote sustainable economic growth.

The brewery, together with 17 sales offices across Peninsula and East Malaysia, provide employment and high-value and high-impact commercial activities throughout our value chain, including research and development, production, packaging, logistics, sales and marketing.

Our Singapore operations in Zhongshan Park own a 51% equity share in a local importer MayBev Pte. Ltd. (MayBev), which distributes Japanese premium alcohol brands.

We contribute to the local economy with new jobs created and with significant government revenue generated in terms of excise duties and other related taxes.

Through our Malaysian and Singaporean operations, we contribute to SDG targets 8.1 and 8.2 by supporting economic prosperity, higher productivity and innovation by providing decent work and economic growth in the markets we operate in.

Malaysia and Singapore currently have the second-highest excise duty for beer in the world. Beer in Malaysia is taxed at RM175 per litre of alcohol by volume (ABV) while Singaporeans pay SGD60 per litre of alcohol for stout and cider.

Our Malaysia and Singapore operations have collectively contributed over a billion ringgit in taxes and duties in 2018.

It is important to note that while Malaysia’s excise duty rate for beer is the second-highest in the world together with Singapore and only after Norway, its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita is nine times lower than Norway and five times lower than Singapore.