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Our Strategy


The Carlsberg Group’s new corporate strategy, SAIL’22, was communicated in March 2016 with the ambition to make the Carlsberg group of companies a successful, professional and attractive brewer in the markets where we operate in.

We measure success by delivering sustainable organic top and bottomline growth; professional by being the preferred supplier of our customers; and attractive by delivering value for shareholders, employees and society. Taking over the helm of the Group in July 2016, I have prioritised the implementation of the Carlsberg Group’s new strategy, SAIL’22 in our Malaysia and Singapore operations. Together with my senior leadership team, we have co-created the local strategic priorities for 2017 and beyond. It consists of three levers: Strengthen The Core, Position For Growth, and Deliver Value for Shareholders. These three levers are further cascaded down into seven strategic priorities as follow:

1. Grow in mainstream with Carlsberg Green Label and Carlsberg Smooth Draught;

2. ‘Win in Store’ with better in-store execution;

3. ‘Fund the Journey’ by delivering efficiencies in the areas of Supply Chain Efficiency, Operating Expenses and Value Management;

4. Go big in premium with Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, Somersby cider, Asahi Super Dry and Connor’s Stout Porter;

5. Build new revenue streams with innovations and innovative approaches;

6. Achieve organic growth in operating profit;

7. Deliver high and stable dividend yield for shareholders.

Underpinning the three levers and seven strategic priorities are the two enablers: ‘Create a Winning Culture’ and ‘Defend our License to Operate’.

The development of the local strategic priorities of SAIL’22 was completed in November 2016 and cascaded to all employees through two company wide conferences held on 6 January 2017 in Malaysia and 8 February 2017 in Singapore. The priorities were also communicated to our Malaysian distributors at an annual conference that took place on 23 February 2017. To us, the year end of 2016 was about getting the hearts and minds of our people behind our strategy, whilst 2017 will be the first year of execution of the strategy.


Lars Lehmann
Managing Director

Our Ambition


As a Successful company, we drive top- and bottom-line growth by finding the optimal balance between three key measures: beer volume market share, gross profit after logistics (GPaL) margin and operating profit.


As a Professional company, we excel in our ability to service our broad range of customers, by strengthening our capabilities within consumer insights, customer management, category management and execution and innovation in the logistics’ area.


As an Attractive company, we focus on creating shared value for shareholders, employees and the society. Attractive to shareholders by delivering consistent earnings growth and improving return on invested capital. Attractive to employees by creating a great working environment and actively encouraging a high-performance culture. Attractive to society by having a wider purpose of being responsible and sustainable, which also directly builds on our heritage.

The Journey Begins Now