ZERO Water Waste


Our stewardship of water as a resource and our efforts in ensuring that our business operations do not pollute natural water resources.

Stakeholder Groups Most Concerned:

Government Agencies and Regulators; NGOs, Industry Groups and Local Communities; Consumers






Going Forward

We intend to gain insights from successful breweries that reduced water consumption significantly without big investments. We will focus on optimising our operations, using innovative concepts to improve efficiency and minimise water usage to brew a better tomorrow


Why It Is Important

Climate change continues to be a global concern. It is vital to address the depletion of natural resources and ensure water security for our business and the wider community. We recognise that water is a shared resource, and as such, it is important to mitigate our impact by reducing water withdrawal, consumption, discharge and water-related impacts through measures such as water recycling, reuse and initiatives to treat water discharge.

As such, we strive to proactively manage the impacts of our operations on water resources. Our efforts focus on using less water more efficiently, reducing wastage and effluents. Additionally, we take active measures to prevent water pollution and refrain from withdrawing water from water-stressed areas.

Water is a crucial component of our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that revolves around how much water is used to produce one hectolitre (hl) of beer. Using less water shows that we are managing it efficiently, reducing water wastage throughout our production process. As we work towards our ZERO Water Waste target and pursue sustainable brewing, we will optimise our water management and ensure that our business can withstand environmental challenges in the long term.

Our Approach

Our water management is guided by our Production and Environmental policy and guidelines, as well as benchmarking against industry peers. This involves setting targets and developing activities and action plans to achieve our water management goals.


In 2023, we focused on enhancing our water usage in these operational areas:


Our measurement of water recovery and reuse is focused solely on the recovery of groundwater. The decline observed in 2023 is attributed to new regulations which limit the daily duration of groundwater extraction. Consequently, a reduced extraction rate directly led to diminished recovery levels.