Stakeholder Engagement

Why It Is Important

At Carlsberg Malaysia Group, we engage with stakeholders by understanding their needs so we can deliver value and build a better, more resilient and sustainable business.

Our interactions and conversations with stakeholders are vital in gaining insights into their priorities, whereby such open lines of communication are fundamental to nurturing trust, allowing us to tailor our responses effectively. The feedback we receive is instrumental in shaping the focus of our sustainability initiatives. Through collaborations, we are empowered to advance Together towards ZERO and Beyond.

The Group manages our stakeholders responsibly and effectively through proactive engagement with our consumers, customers, employees, investors and communities as we recognise the importance of consistently strengthening trust and demonstrating our appreciation for their support. We also communicate closely with our suppliers to ensure that their operating standards are aligned with ours.

Going forward, as we continue to live our purpose of ‘Brewing for a Better Today and Tomorrow’, we are inspired to develop more inclusive and effective engagement activities to identify, understand and address what matters most to our stakeholders.

Ipsos Corporate Reputation Tracker

In 2023, the Carlsberg Group embarked on a Corporate Reputation Tracker, working with Ipsos. Carlsberg Malaysia was one of the four markets in Asia invited to participate in the survey which involved monthly online interviews with the general population.

Ipsos measures corporate reputation based on their Reputation Model and looks at four pillars – Familiarity, Favourability, Trust and Advocacy.

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These scores represent the percentage of sampled respondents who provided positive responses on these four key reputation metrics.

The survey, which took place between May and December 2023, revealed that Carlsberg Malaysia has a strong and robust reputation, underpinned by innovation as a key driver of trust within the company. Notably, we have won the trust of 58% of survey respondents in Malaysia, placing it ahead in the key reputation metrics of favourability and advocacy compared to other competitors.

Carlsberg Malaysia's reputation benefits from a blend of emotional and rational trust drivers. Emotionally, the company resonates with consumers through shared values and a commitment to environmental stewardship. Rationally, we are perceived as innovative, with a clear vision for the future, and a sound investment choice, reflecting our financial management acumen.

Moreover, Carlsberg’s products emerge as the strongest drivers of advocacy behaviour, suggesting that its offerings resonate well and encourage recommendations among consumers.


2023 was a year of reconnecting with our key stakeholders face-to-face post-pandemic. We would not have made it this far without the support of our stakeholders, thus we organised various initiatives so that they could join us in our engagement activities, and forge even closer ties with us.


 March 2023 onwards

Significance of event and what was achieved:

We resumed Brewery Visits to Probably the Best Lounge in March 2023, welcoming key stakeholders such as our customers, trade partners, consumers, members of the business fraternity, industry groups and institutions of higher learning. We also received 289 of our shareholders, who enjoyed learning about the company through a tour of the brewery and by engaging with our colleagues. In 2023 alone, we received 7,801 visitors to the brewery.



April - June 2023

Significance of event and what was achieved:

The ‘Raikan Kebanggaan Sabah & Sarawak’ campaign connected with beer lovers in East Malaysia during the Harvest and Kaamatan Festivals. Our East Malaysian consumers stood a chance to win cool gadgets including the iPad Air, iPhone and AirPods with purchase of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner or Carlsberg Smooth Draught. This campaign was well received by our consumers. Bars, pubs, food courts, coffee shops, super and hypermarkets and other retail outlets participated in the campaign.