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Community Relations


Our awareness of our business impacts on the local communities and the wider society, and our efforts towards creating shared economic value in all our operational locations.


Stakeholder Groups Most Concerned

NGOs, Industry Groups and Local Communities

Why It Is Important

Carlsberg Malaysia Group is dedicated to its mission of brewing for a better today and tomorrow, aiming to improve the present and future for our communities through lasting, positive and sustainable impacts. Our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) is a central aspect of our strategy.

Our Approach

Our beers symbolise more than just refreshments; they represent the essence of togetherness and stand at the heart of moments that bring people together.

We channel this spirit of unity into our community engagement efforts, focusing on environmental and social causes that resonate deeply with our stakeholders and the communities we are part of. Understanding the importance of education to our stakeholders, we prioritise this cause, investing in initiatives that enhance educational opportunities and foster learning in our communities.



Top Ten Charity Campaign

In Malaysia, the Top Ten Charity Campaign, our annual fundraising campaign for educational advancement initiated in 1987, has been instrumental in raising funds for vernacular schools through nationwide charity roadshows.

The campaign also raised climate change awareness and sustainability aligned with global trends. This reaffirms our commitment towards our sustainability ambition – Together towards ZERO and Beyond, especially in reducing waste landfills.

In 2023, the campaign returned after a three-year hiatus with an expanded focus on promoting quality education and climate change awareness, aligning with the UN SDGs. This shift from solely fundraising for education to also raising climate change awareness includes several key actions:

  • The collaboration with Zero Waste Malaysia, an initiative to revamp and highlight the importance of climate change awareness, including hosting sustainability talks at the 10 beneficiary schools
  • The introduction of a recycling theme in the campaign’s key visuals and a dedicated segment to enhance climate change awareness among the audience
  • Educating the campaign’s artists and school committees about sustainable practices, such as using reusable cutlery backstage and reducing plastic usage for takeaway food during the show


Over the past 37 years, Top Ten Charity Campaign has contributed to the development of vernacular education in Malaysia through its fundraising platform to support school infrastructure upgrades, educational assets and programmes. Regarded as the country’s longest running and highest funds raised community engagement platform, it has raised a remarkable sum of RM568 million, benefiting a total of 684 schools in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.

True to Top Ten’s mission of 'Brewing for a Better Education Today and Tomorrow,’ it delivered a meaningful impact to 10 vernacular schools with a total of RM20.5 million education funds raised, as shown in the table below.





With encouraging support and generous donations from all involved, the Top Ten Charity Campaign positively impacted 10 vernacular schools, with a total of RM20.5 million raised for education.

With encouraging support and generous donations from all involved, the Top Ten Charity Campaign positively impacted 10 vernacular schools, with a total of RM20.5 million raised for education.






In partnership with Zero Waste Malaysia (ZWM), teachers and students learned about the significance of waste management and the actions required to effect positive change towards a cleaner and greener environment in schools.


Going Forward

With the Top Ten Charity Campaign's evolving focus on quality education and climate change awareness, we aspire to maintain our leadership position of the charity platform as the longest standing and highest achieving fundraising platform in Malaysia.







Project CarlsBot

The Project CarlsBot glass recycling and community empowerment programme is a joint initiative by Carlsberg Malaysia and Ripple Sabah and seeks to address the overlooked issue of glass waste in East Malaysia, kick-starting in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. While glass itself is recyclable, glass has been excluded from most waste management initiatives due to its commercial unviability.

The project, recognising the untapped recyclability of glass and its limited commercial appeal, endeavours to develop a localised glass bottle recycling ecosystem. The programme’s nomenclature, inspired by Carlsberg’s flagship brand, combines ‘Carls’ with ‘Bot’, symbolising a robotic mechanism for crushing glass bottles.

The social impact of Project CarlsBot is multifaceted and substantial, as indicated in the visual on the right.



In 2023, Project CarlsBot expanded its reach by installing its CarlsBot machines at two additional sites - Kg. Madsiang in Penampang and Shangri-La Rasa Ria in Tuaran, thereby serving the surrounding communities and providing them with the opportunity to manage their glass waste responsibly. Two Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) ceremonies took place in November 2023 to signify the launch of the sites.

Project CarlsBot has also made significant environmental contributions by diverting close to 22 tonnes of glass waste away from landfills since its inception in November 2022.

In conclusion, Project CarlsBot has demonstrated remarkable progress in environmental conservation and community involvement since its inception as a pilot project in the previous year. By diverting glass from landfill sites and fostering community empowerment, the project has not only minimised environmental impact but has also played a pivotal role in educating and encouraging individuals in the region towards a more environmentally conscious approach.


Going Forward

Looking ahead for CarlsBot, our commitment remains steadfast in enhancing the well-being of the communities where CarlsBot operates. We aspire to extend our positive impact by empowering more communities, reaching beyond the boundaries of Kota Kinabalu, Tuaran and Penampang.